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Our Philosophy

At LattaTech, we recognized that the services we provide are vital to the operational success of a project. The systems we design are dynamic in that they provide the tools required to provide and maintain a safe and secure environment, while being sufficiently flexible to adapt to changing methods of operations and advances in technology.

We believe that we must educate and be educated to be successful.
For the user agency, we must convey options and opportunities from our experience, while listening so we can understand the challenges they currently face, or anticipate facing in the future.
For our design team members, we must educate them on the security implications and coordination necessary to accommodate the security, telecommunications, and audio visual systems.
For construction manager and contractors, we must clearly convey the project requirements including identification of challenging issues and requirements of the work, use the submittal process for mutual benefit in providing a high quality project, and observe the installation process so as to identify problems early, thus avoiding delays and rework. We must be open to contractor ideas and suggested improvements that will enhance design, installation and operation.

We must continually strive to provide services reflective of our endless pursuit of perfection.
While our work takes us across the country, we understand the need to "be there" when our clients need us. Our office is equipped with video conference capability and thus can "be there" face to face whenever we are needed. We have deployed video conference equipment at our client locations for use when needed, only depending on the client for a location, 120VAC power and an Internet connection. We understand that video conferencing and Go To Meeting type services can only go so far. When we are needed to be physically present, we do not hesitate to be there as needed to meet the needs of the project.